Why Choose a Closed-Loop Extraction System?

Why Choose a Closed-Loop Extraction System?

Why Choose a Closed-Loop Extraction System?

A closed-loop extraction system is an excellent method for CBD extraction from cannabis or hemp. This method is ideal for small to medium size business for a number of reasons, such as scalability, and ease of use.

What is Closed-Loop Extraction?

Closed-loop extraction systems have been used for a long time in the perfume and food industries. A large tank holding the solvent is connected to an extraction tube in which the ground up marijuana is placed. The solvent passes through the cannabis or hemp, separating the CBD (with other extractables), and depositing this in a collection basin. The solvent is recovered and collected in a solvent basin which allows it to be reused.
What are the Advantages?

Closed-loop systems are ideal for small businesses. A closed-loop system from Atomic Extraction can be expanded seamlessly, giving the business the ability to scale up their operation without having to replace their valuable equipment. A standard setup from Curran Technologies includes one reactor which can handle, on average, 3lbs of hemp or marijuana. Our closed loop extraction system allows for the addition of up to six reactors, increasing the processing ability to as much as 18 pounds per 45 minutes.

Closed-loop systems are also a very safe option. Because these are sealed off systems, there is less risk of explosion or issues as a result of flammable solvents when compared with open systems. They are considered to be very simple to operate, as is shown in client testimonials. This is great for a business who may need to train new employees, as simple means they are up to speed and effective that much sooner.

If you have been looking to expand your cannabis business and invest in CBD extraction systems, consider going with a closed-loop extraction system from Atomic Extraction.

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