What is “Closed-Loop Botanical Extraction” and What are its Advantages for Extraction of CBD & THC?

With the recent legalization of Cannabis in Canada, many people are unaware of the different extraction methods that are being utilized to separate many of the useful compounds found in the plant. One great method being utilized is known as “closed-loop botanical extraction”. This method has been used for decades in other industries such as extracting food additives, or compounds for perfumes. Closed loop extraction also works excellent for THC & CBD extraction from Cannabis.

What are the Advantages?

One of the advantages of using a closed-loop extraction is that the extract tends to be cleaner and purer than with other extraction methods. Additionally, this extraction method is safer than other options such as an open blast system.

A closed-loop system uses a large tank with an attached tube that is packed full of organic material (such as cannabis). The solvent is added, allowing the extractable portion of the plant (eg CBD) to bind to the solvent and drip into a recovery tank. A subsequent step further purifies the extract and removes the solvent. The whole system is contained under vacuum for efficient operation. This process is done in a controlled and safe environment, with minimal risk and danger compared to other systems.

A closed loop botanical extraction unit system also allows the solvent to be reused to extract more CBD during a later cycle. This offers great savings for the user, especially compared to extraction systems in which the solvents (and profits) are lost after each use.

The process by Curran Technologies uses a subcritical compressor system that can control the temperatures in each vessel. This expedites the recovery process and fine-tunes terpene retention.

If you are looking for a new extraction system for your Cannabis or other botanical extract business, consider talking to Atomic Extraction and investing in a closed-loop botanical extractor.

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