Does the Quality of the Extraction Process Affect CBD’s Therapeutic Efficacy?

Does the Quality of the Extraction Process Affect CBD’s Therapeutic Efficacy?

There is no doubt that the quality of any substance extracted from another substance is going to depend on the extraction process. So, it follows that it’s likely the therapeutic efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD) would also depend on the quality of the extraction process and the quality of the CBD extracted.

The advantages of our closed-loop extraction process are several:

1. Because it is closed-loop, there is no risk of loss of any of the CBD or any other compounds to the air.

2. Closed-loop also means that there is much less risk of impurities or contaminants getting into the system.

3. Our system is designed to enable preservation of terpenes which play a role in how the body experiences CBD.

4. The temperature of each reactor can be adjusted individually to run your extraction exactly how you want it.

5. Our Extract-Pro is manufactured in Canada from North American stainless steel. You can have confidence in the integrity of components.

6. Extraction of CBD is temperature dependent. The hemp plant produces cannabinoids in the form of carboxylic acids. It is only through proper heating and extraction (like with our equipment) that these acids are converted to cannabidiol through decarboxylation (Hazecamp, 2018)

Since the therapeutic efficacy of CBD is a fairly new area of peer-reviewed research, the therapeutic efficacy relative to the extraction process is not something that has a lot of hard and fast numbers—yet.

CBD has become very popular very quickly. As such, many health organizations and regulatory bodies are still not even sure whether it is a “simply a food supplement, an investigational new medicine, or even a narcotic.” (Hazecamp, 2018)

We believe in the benefits of CBD, the quality of our industrial extraction products, and we will bring you the latest news and developments here on our website.


If you have any questions about this article or closed-loop extraction, in general, please contact us at (778) 214-5153. Atomic Extraction is an industrial manufacturer of high-quality, closed-loop extraction equipment based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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